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Century 9207F2 ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) Unit Bearing Refrigeration Motor - 9207F2

Your Price: $114.22

  • Product Type: ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor)
  • HP: 6, 9, 12 Watts
  • RPM: 1550
  • Volts: 115
  • Amps: 0.2/0.3
  • Hz: 50/60
  • Phase: 1
  • Frame: Unit Bearing
  • Enclosure Type: TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over)
  • Mounting: Hole
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/4" x 20 Threaded
  • Rotation: CW Shaft End
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Service Factor (SF): 1.00
  • Bearings: Sleeve
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 C
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • 9207F2 is listed in Century's cross reference as a substitute for the following: GE 5413, Dayton 3M335, Dayton 3M336, GE 5KCP51EL412, Dayton 3M333, Dayton 3M334, GE 5KSP51AL1020, A.O. Smith 227, Carrier/BDP HC09DZ115, Carrier/BDP P257-5411, Copeland 050-0241-0, Emerson 108, Emerson FA33HXBN126, Emerson RF108, Fasco D429, Fasco D441, Franklin AJ4H136J, Franklin AM4207J, Franklin AM4K17J, GE 2868505001L, GE 5411, GE 5ECL736, GE 5KSM59AS2296, GE 5KSM59AS655, GE 5KSM59AS873, GE 5KSP51AL237, GE 5KSP51AL446, GE 5KSP51AL5038, GE 5KSP51AL790, GE 5KSP51AL907, GE 5KSP51CAL3, GE 5KSP51CAL701, GE 5KSP51CAL708, GE 5KSP51CAL714, GE 5KSP51CAL726, GE 5KSP51CAL730, GE 5KSP51CL110, GE 5KSP51CL126, GE 5KSP51CL128, GE 5KSP51CL14, GE 5KSP51CL149, GE 5KSP51CL160, GE 5KSP51CL174, GE 5KSP51CL184, GE 5KSP51CL185, GE 5KSP51CL200, GE 5KSP51CL205, GE 5KSP51CL207, GE 5KSP51CL220, GE 5KSP51CL226, GE 5KSP51CL227, GE 5KSP51CL232, GE 5KSP51CL236, GE 5KSP51CL240, GE 5KSP51CL242, GE 5KSP51CL244, GE 5KSP51CL256, GE 5KSP51CL39, GE 5KSP51CL47, GE 5KSP51CL58, GE 5KSP51CL6, GE 5KSP51CL61, GE 5KSP51CL90, GE 5KSP51CL91, GE 5KSP51CL92, GE 5KSP51ECL157, GE 5KSP51ECL740, GE 5KSP51ECL746, GE 5KSP51EL475, GE 5KSP51GL70, GE 5KSP51GL77, GE 5KSP51XAL710, GE 5KSP51XAL711, GE 5KSP51XAL728, Dayton 3M285, Dayton 3M362, Dayton 3M632, Dayton 4M508, Dayton 4ME41, Dayton 5K186, Johnstone Supply S88-046, Johnstone Supply S88-498, Johnstone Supply S88-797, Leece Neville 15244L, Leece Neville 243C011H01, Leece Neville RE406, Marathon AA13, Morrill Motors SP-B9E1, Morrill Motors SP-B9EG1, Morrill Motors SP-B9EM1, Morrill Motors SP-B9EMV1, Morrill Motors SP-B9HCEM1, Morrill Motors SP-B9L1, Morrill Motors SP-B9M1, Morrill Motors SP-B9PEM1, Morrill Motors SP-B9S1, Morrill Motors SP-B9SE1, Morrill Motors SP-B9SE191-C1, Morrill Motors SP-BEP9A6564A, Packard 10009, RMR R12CCW41, RMR R5411, Scotsman 12-1576-02, Universal Electric 118-209, Universal Electric 118-211, Universal Electric 238, Universal Electric AA1M181, Universal Electric AA1M184, Universal Electric AA2E006, Universal Electric AA2E099, Universal Electric AA2ELU9, Universal Electric AA2F051, Universal Electric AA2M075, Universal Electric AA2M139, Universal Electric AA2M141, Universal Electric AA2M146, Universal Electric AA2M161, Universal Electric AA2M174, Universal Electric AA2M176, Universal Electric AA2M5205, Universal Electric AA2M634, Universal Electric AA2N119, Universal Electric AA2N123, Universal Electric JA2C208, Universal Electric JA2M111, Universal Electric JA2M112, Universal Electric JA2M174, Universal Electric JA2M183, Universal Electric JA2M264, Universal Electric JA2M297, Universal Electric JA2M309, Universal Electric JA2M646, Universal Electric JA2N164, Universal Enterprise UEM1091, Universal Enterprise UEM1091AL, A.O. Smith 225, A.O. Smith 236, A.O. Smith 9207, A.O. Smith 9212, A.O. Smith ECR01A0132, Carrier/BDP P257-5311, Century 9212, Edison 2117, Emerson 117, Emerson 2108, Emerson 2117, Emerson RF117, EMS UTB1CB1551E56, EMS UTB1CB1551E6, EMS UTB1CB1551EB, EMS UTB1CB1551EM56, Fasco D425, Franklin AM4109J, GE 00601, GE 00621, GE 5311, GE 5313, GE 5KCP51ECL402, GE 5KCP51ECL437, GE 5KCP51ECL551, GE 5KCP51ECL709, GE 5KCP51ECL710, GE 5KCP51ECL712, GE 5KCP51ECL716, GE 5KCP51ECL717, GE 5KCP51ECL718, GE 5KCP51ECL719, GE 5KCP51ECL720, GE 5KCP51ECL721, GE 5KCP51ECL726, GE 5KCP51ECL727, GE 5KCP51ECL731, GE 5KCP51ECL733, GE 5KCP51EL10, GE 5KCP51EL115, GE 5KCP51EL129, GE 5KCP51EL134, GE 5KCP51EL135, GE 5KCP51EL136, GE 5KCP51EL137, GE 5KCP51EL142, GE 5KCP51EL148, GE 5KCP51EL152, GE 5KCP51EL154, GE 5KCP51EL156, GE 5KCP51EL157, GE 5KCP51EL173, GE 5KCP51EL174, GE 5KCP51EL18, GE 5KCP51EL188, GE 5KCP51EL190, GE 5KCP51EL194, GE 5KCP51EL199, GE 5KCP51EL2, GE 5KCP51EL201, GE 5KCP51EL221, GE 5KCP51EL224, GE 5KCP51EL226, GE 5KCP51EL231, GE 5KCP51EL235, GE 5KCP51EL236, GE 5KCP51EL241, GE 5KCP51EL242, GE 5KCP51EL243, GE 5KCP51EL251, GE 5KCP51EL263, GE 5KCP51EL264, GE 5KCP51EL270, GE 5KCP51EL274, GE 5KCP51EL281, GE 5KCP51EL290, GE 5KCP51EL293, GE 5KCP51EL296, GE 5KCP51EL298, GE 5KCP51EL309, GE 5KCP51EL316, GE 5KCP51EL317, GE 5KCP51EL326, GE 5KCP51EL331, GE 5KCP51EL349, GE 5KCP51EL350, GE 5KCP51EL351, GE 5KCP51EL364, GE 5KCP51EL37, GE 5KCP51EL370, GE 5KCP51EL385, GE 5KCP51EL397, GE 5KCP51EL402, GE 5KCP51EL405, GE 5KCP51EL409, GE 5KCP51EL411, GE 5KCP51EL413, GE 5KCP51EL414, GE 5KCP51EL42, GE 5KCP51EL43, GE 5KCP51EL433, GE 5KCP51EL437, GE 5KCP51EL439, GE 5KCP51EL44, GE 5KCP51EL446, GE 5KCP51EL449, GE 5KCP51EL455, GE 5KCP51EL457, GE 5KCP51EL463, GE 5KCP51EL471, GE 5KCP51EL478, GE 5KCP51EL483, GE 5KCP51EL485, GE 5KCP51EL488, GE 5KCP51EL490, GE 5KCP51EL492, GE 5KCP51EL493, GE 5KCP51EL496, GE 5KCP51EL5, GE 5KCP51EL500, GE 5KCP51EL54, GE 5KCP51EL55, GE 5KCP51EL551, GE 5KCP51EL555, GE 5KCP51EL560, GE 5KCP51EL561, GE 5KCP51EL58, GE 5KCP51EL59, GE 5KCP51EL63, GE 5KCP51EL66, GE 5KCP51EL708, GE 5KCP51EL716, GE 5KCP51EL72, GE 5KCP51EL736, GE 5KCP51EL739, GE 5KCP51EL745, GE 5KCP51EL751, GE 5KCP51EL765, GE 5KCP51EL767, GE 5KCP51EL771, GE 5KCP51EL777, GE 5KCP51EL788, GE 5KCP51EL796, GE 5KCP51EL799, GE 5KCP51EL808, GE 5KCP51EL81, GE 5KCP51EL816, GE 5KCP51EL817, GE 5KCP51EL83, GE 5KCP51EL87, GE 5KCP51EL9, GE 5KCP51EL94, GE 5KCP51EL95, GE 5KCP51EL96, GE 5KSM51EAG3501, GE 5KSM51ECG3501, GE 5KSP51AL1010, GE 5KSP51AL1015, GE 5KSP51AL1019, GE 5KSP51AL401, GE 5KSP51AL406, GE 5KSP51AL501, GE 5KSP51AL729, GE 5KSP51AL799, GE 5KSP51AL803, GE 5KSP51AL813, GE 5KSP51AL864, GE 5KSP51AL865, GE 5KSP51AL871, GE 5KSP51AL872, GE 5KSP51AL873, GE 5KSP51AL876, GE 5KSP51AL886, GE 5KSP51AZL719, GE 5KSP51CAL715, GE 5KSP51CAL717, GE 5KSP51CAL733, GE 5KSP51CAL735, GE 5KSP51CL141, GE 5KSP51CL177, GE 5KSP51CL181, GE 5KSP51CL190, GE 5KSP51CL2, GE 5KSP51CL23, GE 5KSP51CL24, GE 5KSP51CL284, GE 5KSP51CL29, GE 5KSP51CL3, GE 5KSP51CL31, GE 5KSP51CL33, GE 5KSP51CL36, GE 5KSP51CL40, GE 5KSP51CL41, GE 5KSP51CL45, GE 5KSP51CL501, GE 5KSP51CL56, GE 5KSP51CL57, GE 5KSP51CL62, GE 5KSP51CL63, GE 5KSP51CL69, GE 5KSP51CL70, GE 5KSP51CL83, GE 5KSP51ECL736, GE 5KSP51EL101, GE 5KSP51EL105, GE 5KSP51EL109, GE 5KSP51EL153, GE 5KSP51EL158, GE 5KSP51EL4, GE 5KSP51EL831, GE 5KSP51EL840, GE 5KSP51EL858, GE 5KSP51EL862, GE 5KSP51EL873, GE 5KSP51GL100, Dayton 3M270, Dayton 3M630, Dayton 4K897, Dayton 4M506, Dayton 4ME39, Dayton 4ME46, Dayton 4ME65, Dayton 4ME66, Ice-O-Matic 332417-001, Ice-O-Matic 332418-011, Johnstone Supply S58-347, Johnstone Supply S88-044, Johnstone Supply S88-497, Johnstone Supply S88-795, Marathon AA11, Morrill Motors SP-6B, Morrill Motors SP-6E, Morrill Motors SP6L, Morrill Motors SP-6L, Morrill Motors SP-6S, Morrill Motors SP-A4EV1, Morrill Motors SP-A4L1, Morrill Motors SP-B505SE191-C, Morrill Motors SP-B505SE19-C1, Morrill Motors SP-B5SE16, Morrill Motors SP-B6E1, Morrill Motors SP-B6EM1, Morrill Motors SP-B6EM19, Morrill Motors SP-B6EV101, Morrill Motors SP-B6HCEM1, Morrill Motors SP-B6L1, Morrill Motors SP-B6M1, Morrill Motors SP-B6PEM1, Morrill Motors SP-B6S1, Morrill Motors SP-B6SE1, Morrill Motors SP-B6SE19, Morrill Motors SP-B6SE191-C2, Morrill Motors SP-B6SE191-C3, Packard 10006, RMR R5313, Scotsman 12-1575-01, Trane MOT6259, Trane MOT6260, Universal Electric 118-207, Universal Electric 225, Universal Electric AA2C290, Universal Electric AA2C330, Universal Electric AA2E004, Universal Electric AA2E097, Universal Electric AA2ELU6, Universal Electric AA2M152, Universal Electric AA2M632, Universal Electric AA2MLU6, Universal Electric JA2C212, Universal Electric JA2M127, Universal Electric JA2M160, Universal Electric JA2M644, Universal Enterprise UEM1061, Universal Enterprise UEM1061AL, Wellington ECR01A0132
  • Up To 65% Efficiency
  • Rain Shielded
  • 13" Leads
  • Lyall Plug
  • Wide Temperature Range Oil For Use In Evaporators And Condensers
  • Tapped And Drilled Mounting Holes
  • 5 Rear Mounting Holes
  • Ship Weight: 3 lbs.